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Despite the well-established, proven impact on user experience and sales, most websites fail to reach their performance potential. is my ongoing endeavor to organize and condense the fundamental strategies of page speed optimization into a simple resource for web developers and website owners alike.

Get started with a conceptual background.

This is a living work - continuously updated and improved, in part with your feedback. Ideas for improvement are welcome.

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With over ten years of experience in web development, I specialize in front end optimization including page speed.

I help web developers get up to speed (zing!) with performance optimization and deliver a more valuable product to their clients, and I help website owners streamline the path to sales and improve user experience.

Although my technical expertise lies in front end web development, my primary strength is teaching. I enjoy working with other developers to help get their team up to speed with the fundamental strategies and advanced techniques of performance optimization.

Coaching, consulting - whatever you like to call it, I'm an ongoing, on-demand resource to help you deliver a higher-quality product. As a conceptual thinker I present information with an intuitive, logical approach that you can apply for immediate results and long-term success.

Contact me for help integrating the techniques of the page speed checklist into your development workflow and building performance-oriented websites from the ground up.