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Get Up To Speed With Website Performance Optimization

Optimize page speed from every angle with a checklist of the fundamental strategies and advanced techniques to make any website a faster and more effective sales platform.

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Maximizing website performance is the product of two primary strategies - reducing page weight and streamlining delivery - each of which involves many related factors - a whole list in fact. The page speed checklist is a reference of the many interrelated methods for maximizing page speed.

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Core Concepts

First things first. Set yourself up for success and get more out of the page speed checklist with a conceptual basis and underlying context for why page speed matters, how it impacts user experience and performance goals.

Core Concepts

Minimize Page Weight

Minimizing the total quantity of data downloaded by the web browser is the first core strategy for optimizing page speed. Reducing both the number and size of file resources keeps pages loading quickly and efficiently.

Streamline Delivery

Along with minimizing page weight, the other fundamental strategy to maximize page speed is optimizing the way data is retrieved and transferred from the web server and loaded by the web browser.

Odds & Ends

Although not specifically related to page speed optimization, a few other helpful front end techniques: